Eye Tests In The Workplace | Eyes At Work

EC Legislation, Health and Safety regulations and AOP (Association of Optometrists) recommendations have placed responsibility with the employer to provide:

  • A full Eye Examination for employees commencing work with VDUs
  • Regular eye checks thereafter
  • Basic VDU spectacles
  • Prescription safety eye wear if the working environment so requires

Eyes At Work provides Optical Care for employees at their place of work. Optometrists (Optician) visit you onsite, thereby bypassing the need to lose your employees for several hours or even ½ a day.

In visiting you onsite(s) you can be assured of continuity of care, uniform recommendations and advice that is not possible if they attend different Opticians.

In providing Industrial Eye care the type and duration of work undertaken, the equipment the employee uses and their working environment will be considered, to give employees the best advice regarding their vision and their work.

Employees are given a full routine eye examination. Any additional tests specific to their work requested by your company e.g. VDU or colour vision testing will be included and a spectacle prescription (where necessary) will be issued to the employee.

For VDU operators a brief report regarding the employee’s suitability for VDU operation will be issued to the employer also.

VDU Spectacles

Many employees will have to use a computer for part of their working day. Under current legislation, those who regularly use a display Screen (VDU) for a significant part of their work are entitled to ask their employer to pay for a full eye examination.
If the employee requires spectacles solely and exclusively for VDU use then the employer must pay for a basic pair.

Experience examining VDU operators shows only 8% of employees overall and very few under 40, require spectacles solely and exclusively for VDU use.

Where VDU spectacles are required I recommend the company decides the amount they are prepared to pay (which must meet the cost of a basic pair) allowing employees to meet any addition cost themselves for more stylish frames themselves.

Safety Spectacles

Some employees may require prescription safety spectacles manufactured to EN166. We can offer this together with the eye examination, but are also happy to supply safety spectacles to a valid prescription from other Opticians.

There is a wide choice of fashionable frames and many designer frames at substantially reduced prices compared to the high street featuring both metal and plastic styles suitable for both male and female staff.

They can be supplied with single vision, bifocal and multifocal Plastic (CR39) or toughened glass lenses. For added safety Polycarbonate lenses can be supplied.

Where companies have their own arrangements with safety companies we can supply safety spectacles to your employee if a safety order form is supplied. We are happy to use your own safety spectacle supplier if preferred.