About Eyes At Home

Eyes At Home aims to be responsive to the optical health needs of those clients in the southeast who are unable to access high street optical services.


  • Identify & establish NHS eligibility
  • Arrange appointments within acceptable time frames and at the request and recommendation of Healthcare professionals, carers and relatives
  • Provide equity, quality and value in all aspects of its visiting service
  • To communicate its services to this optically neglected and vulnerable group

Achieved By:

  • Using skilled mature professionals who are experienced and empathetic to the needs of this vulnerable group
  • Provision of equipment, documentation and information to enable the professional to carry out their job to a high level
  • Provide General Ophthalmic Services as required by the Opticians act and Dept of Health Terms of Service
  • Gain feedback from all parties to monitor, evaluate and improve service
  • Working as closely as possible with Primary Care Support Services, Community Caring Staff and GP’s and allied professionals
  • Caring for clients, carers and staff
  • Communicating its services in a professional manner through appropriate media and by word of mouth
  • The Company will be professional but flexible and versatile within the parameters of how it needs to be run to meet its aims