Eye Examination At Home

Portable Eye Test EquipmentThe Optometrist will on arrival set up what amounts to a portable testing room, with basically all the equipment you would expect to find in a high street practice including some start of the art portable diagnostic aids.

The Optometrist will ask questions to review your current ocular and general health and relevant family history. Also concerns relating to your vision will be addressed.

Among the tests undertaken is Ophthalmoscopy where a light is shone into your eye for a short period to examine the internal and external health of the eye. Other tests include retinoscopy which gives the Optometrist an indication of the kind and level of prescription you may need. An assessment of the eye muscles and their ability to work together is also carried out.

Tonometry or “Eye Pressure” is part of the eye examination, Our Optometrist uses a state of the art I-Care tonometer which is very gentle and causes barely a tickle, a lot more comfortable than the older “Puff of Air” test normally employed.

Eye ExaminationsAs part of the assessment for the possible need for spectacles after retinoscopy the Optometrist carries out further tests using a miniature test chart, trial frame and lenses to tell how long, short sighted, astigmatic or presbyopic you are, together with a measure of your level and quality of vision that is possible.

At the end of the consultation the results will be explained, and any necessary spectacle dispensing carried out. Guidance on lighting and visual aids will also be covered and reports relating to GP’s together with prescription copies will be completed.